Ptlls assignment 2identify the key aspects

V1 you to review your planning through assessment of the students work and your self evaluation of how the lesson has gone. School Governing Body, Support Staff and at those others within the local authority that support them.

Relying heavily upon PowerPoint slides whilst meeting the learning styles of the visual, and theorists, would exclude the students who were kinaesthetic or activists. If a submitted assessment did not meet the required standard, diplomacy and tact were required to relay the message that while the answers that had been provided did not meet the expected standard, it did not reflect poorly on the learner.

I will acknowledge the copyright and source of any material from books, journals or the internet I use within my training material to ensure I comply with the Copyright, Design and Patents Act Adapting my teaching style to allow students of French or ESOL language to use multi-senses will benefit my students to greater learning.

I also have an interest in emotional intelligence and learning so will continue to research this in terms of applying the principles to my teaching practice.

These are to ensure the course is conducted the correct time frame, e. Learners may also need additional support and training to enable them to assess, therefore adding time to the process. As part of the risk assessment I undertook, I had to ensure that the room location was accessible, met current standards and was fit for purpose — that is.

Assessments can take on many forms in a physical or practical sense and can relate to both internal and external needs.

Key aspects of current Legislative requirements and Codes of practice-PTLLS

Throughout this process, the level of assessment and relevance must be considered to ensure that they are fair and valid. Identify the key facts related to the issue of strict liability for unsuccessful sterilization.

The syllabus that is being taught may call for a midterm test, examination or the submission of coursework or evidence as defined by the awarding body or examining board.

This means if I know that I will have individuals on the course who may have needs that differ from the usual candidates I teach I am able to plan the session in way that the individuals will be able to participate in the session and not feel excluded or ignored.

Without them, it would be increasingly difficult to manage the teaching process or create courses and lessons that meet learner needs. In my career as an industry tutor I have had experience of a student that was diagnosed as having a degree of dyslexia.

But look at their Strategic Plan. When self-assessing, students can be over critical of their own work so again struggle with being objective or on the reverse they could be over generous when assessing themselves because they understand what they meant to say and marking that instead of what they actually committed to on paper within the assessment.

It is my role to make sure that the progress of each learner is monitored throughout the course and to ensure that I am following the requirements of the awarding organisations whilst doing so.

Unit 3 – Human Resources Management

Understand the legal and good practice requirements in relation to assessment Assessment criteria The learner can: The Telegraph, 29th Jul. The plan should allow for reflection, identify learning opportunities and document future actions.

The only real way to identify this is through assessment. By having clear lines of communication, I will have defined lines of reporting and points of referral to assist students in obtaining the correct level of support to achieve successful learning.

By engaging in CPD and having an implementation strategy, it is possible for organisations to agree, schedule and integrate training and development programmes to support teaching staff. This is not a failure of execution.

It is usually common practice to test or have a pre-requisite level of functional skill attainment prior to joining a course. If inclusive learning is linked to equality and diversity responsibilities and standards, it should automatically form part of the teaching strategy.

Harvard Business School Strategic Planning processes are successful when a bottom up and top down communication approach is taken. I would need to acquire permission or purchase licences for relevant work that I wished to use.

I would then facilitate discussion to come to a consensus from all of the groups with regard to the statements. In our experience, there are 5 critical factors that will ensure your strategic plans are successfully implemented.

During the Initiation phase and throughout the project, an effective project manager is armed with a variety of tools including a simple project initiation document.

By doing this not only will I identify those students to whom the course would be unsuitable but clearly motivate those students to attend and participate with the learning process.

Most of these sites provide information without charge. As soon as I had ascertained what had happened I was able to have an informal talk with the accused about the problems that had arisen from actions whether intended or not.

Copyright Designs and Patents Act — I would need to ensure that the support materials used did not breach this legislation. They should also be available for auditing purposes.

Learning and Teaching Services

Feedback involves praising learners for well written assignments, as well as sharing hints and tips as to where and how they could improve their answers if their responses fell short of the mark. Therefore, the two major components of the dispute resolution process are the applicable law and the facts of the dispute.

He claims that under section Tom Roberts is not entitled to receive anything from Mrs.

What does 'key elements' mean?

I will ensure that I communicate with my students at an appropriate level and in a manner they understand, encouraging them to want to learn further.

By identifying the different type of learning styles within the group of students, I can then ensure my teaching and learning approaches are modified to meet the different styles.

In Project Management for the Web Geek on SitePoint, author Meri Williams, writes about what is and is not Project Management as she covers key elements in project management. According to the author, a project manager is someone who makes the project happen, stays.

Describe the key aspects that an instrument/model should effectively identify or outline in order to facilitate change. Click to enlarge Discuss the purpose of using a. Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector (PTLLS) Introduction From January STA Tutor Courses (Swimming, Aquacise, Lifesaving, First Aid and Pool Plant) will include the Level 3 PTLLS assignment criteria with guidance Identify key aspects of relevant current legislation requirements and codes of practice within a specific.

PTLLS Assignment 1: Roles and Responsibilities in the Teaching Cycle

(*) Identify key aspects of relevant current legislative requirements and codes of practice within a specific context. Identify other points of referral available to meet the potential needs of learners. Identify issues of equality and diversity, and ways to promote inclusion.

Explain the need for record keeping. Identify. Oct 12,  · For example, if it is a theory, the key elements would be each part of the theory and that would base a an outline for your paper as well.

It is the main ideas of what your talking about and what it Status: Resolved. Academic Writing Guide Part 2 – Assignment Types: This section outlines the basic (See Academic Writing 1 – 2. 1. 1 What is the assignment asking you to do?) Analyse the task, identify key words, and your approach.

Write an essay plan. A plan is a good way to start to organise your ideas and structure.

Ptlls assignment 2identify the key aspects
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